Christian Louboutin high-heeled shoes are no longer just

The summer of 2014, Christian Louboutin Outlet officially announced its entry into the field of cosmetology Beauty, devaluation of the nail polish priced $ 50, almost twice the CHANEL OUTLET. A year later, Christian Louboutin new cosmetic camp again and again, this time to start selling $ 90  a lipstick, the price is nearly three times CHANEL. In the high-end lipstick market, sisley and TOM FORD home selling lipstick has been considered expensive, but also $ 50, and joined La Prairie caviar cream lipstick, the price is only $ 55, it seems that Christian Louboutin Sale vowing Beauty-end market to gain market share with confidence.



Pricing is so high, in addition to brand positioning outside, this lipstick design might be a reason for a more convincing. The bullet-shaped lipstick and can be worn as a necklace, think to spend $ 90 to buy a lipstick and a necklace, is not not so could not do it? In addition, Christian Louboutin Outlet UK tell you, you buy not only only a lipstick, it is a work of art. Building envelope is ancient Babylon, Art Deco, as well as cultural relics unearthed in the Middle East, inspired by the creative, you can see above the crown of the shadow of the ancient Egyptian queen Nefertiti worn.

Pricing is high, the quality of packaging naturally not bad. The high-priced gift packaging except lipstick, but also comes with a silk bag easy to carry. Another 36 colors, 3 germplasm to (gloss satin, velvet matt, chiffon matte) for selection, color and texture will make you think, Christian Louboutin classic red high heels and handbags.

Christian Louboutin Outlet last year to expand the business and start selling high-end nail polish, $ 50 ultra-high price failed to stop selling the product. By the end of 2014, is the introduction of limited edition priced at $ 645 Starlight nail polish bottle color crystal mosaic of 1500, quite bright. And in June this year, just listed, in order to symbolize the sun god of ancient Egypt scarab inspired Scarabée limited series are also selling quite a force, now has sold a variety of colors.

As for the product reputation, Christian Louboutin Shose nail polish brush and in addition to “hate day high” cap connected slightly more difficult to use, the nail polish color and texture are very good. Gently brush a layer is quite full, very smooth after application, and more wear-resistant. In March this year, Christian Louboutin UK the world’s first 100 store officially opened in Paris, which is the brand’s first Beauty products store. In addition to retail, the brand is also working with professional nail salon, The Upper House in Hong Kong to provide customers with rooms nail services.